KidsTeam UW

KidsTeam at the University of Washington works with kids aged 7-11 years old. KidsTeam UW meets every Tuesday and Thursday during the school year, and holds a week-long session during the summer. Each week KidsTeam will partner with different corporations and organizations, and students and faculty will hold their own research sessions with KidsTeam.

KidsTeam in Libraries

KidsTeam partners with urban and rural libraries to understand how children can help design new digital learning activities in the library. We have currently worked with 5 Seattle Public Library branches, with Steven and Whitman libraries and with libraries in California. This project has received a federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for $350,000 to expand this work into a three-year national research project.

KidsTeam Online

KidsTeam UW is currently exploring how to co-design with children in an online space using Zoom by directly asking children. We are exploring questions such as ‘how do children build relationships with peers and adults in an online space?’, ‘how do children want to modify techniques to design in an online space?’ and ‘what does collaboration look like in an online space’.

Sun Safety Among Children-JITAI Project

Jason Yip and KidsTeam UW was awarded $68,833 in a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant titled, “Pilot mobile-wearable just-in-time adaptive intervention (JITAI) for sun safety among children.”


BlockStudio is a text-free and visually concrete environment for authoring programs. Its goal is to broaden the set of pathways available to novices learning about computer programming. Hundreds of children have used BlockStudio to reify their creative ideas into computational artifacts like games, stories, animations, puzzles, quizzes, and even history lessons. Research based on BlockStudio has been published at IDC 2016 and CHI 2018

Science Everywhere

Science Everywhere is an NSF funded research study aimed at understanding how technology can engage entire communities in science learning. \

Search Brokering in English Language Learning Families

Through in-home visits, this research explores how children of Latino American English language learning families are searching, translating, and brokering online information.

Design Reflections Project

In partnership with Jon E. Froehlich, HCI master’s students co-design with the children from KidsTeam UW as part of their prototyping studio course.