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Search Brokering in English Language Learning Families

Lead: Anh Le
Alumni: Wendy Roldan

Through in-home visits, this research explores how children of immigrant English language learning families are searching, translating, and brokering online information. Our collaborators include Dr. Carmen Gonzalez and Dr. Laura Pina. This work was previously funded by a Google Faculty Research Award and Dr. Yip was recently awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER grant to continue this work. Research findings have been published in Computer Supported Collaborative Work (2018), Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (2019), and Connected Learning Summit (2019).


How Latino children in the U.S. engage in collaborative online information problem solving with their families

The role of funds of knowledge in online search and brokering

Youth invisible work: The sociocultural and collaborative processes of online search and brokering between adolescents and English-language learning families.

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